Watercolor Paintings


Swimming 11"x15"

Sunrise in the field 11″x15″

Creek in the Park, PA 12″x18″

Barn in Winter in Pittsburgh PA 18"x12"

Yosemite National Park,California 22″x15″

Jasper National Park 22"x15"

My back yard in fall 11″x15″

Deer in the winter field 24"x18"

Quilin ,China 22'x30"

Fishing village 22"x15"

Hartwood park at the fall 24″x18″

House with stone wall 12"x18"

Iris 22″x15″

Winter in Pittsburgh 22"x15"

Jen at 6 year old 11"x15"

Wild Flowers in the meadow 12"x18"

Canadian Geese 11"x15"

Home Home Sweet Home 22"x15"

Sunset 15"x11"

Field Flowers 18"x11"

Morning Light 11"x15"

Quizhou Rice Fields, China 22"x15"

Sunflowers in the meadow 11"x14"

Late Fall at the Hillside Hartswoods Park 7x11"


3 Responses to “Watercolor Paintings”

  1. Derek McCrea Says:

    You have very beautiful natural watercolor paintings. I love the way you express impressionism.

  2. Olena Says:

    Your work is very beautiful.

  3. Al Quagliotti Says:

    Lucia is a very talented, and nice lady. I have several of her prints in my home.

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