Watercolor Paintings of Asian Women at Work

 Koran Dancing Girls 22″x30″Tea Picker in India 24″x18″Chinese woman work at the rice field 22″x15″

Woman from India making straw mat 22"x15"

Vietnamese woman selling snack in floating market 22″x15″Lijiang minority woman embroidering , China 22″x15″

minority woman weaver in Lijiang China 24"x18"

Geisha at work 22″x15″

Tibetian woman making bread 22″x15″

Minority woman in China with child 24″x18″

Japanese music player 24″x18″

Mongolia woman tending her sheep 24″x18″

Nomad woman in China with her children 24″x18″

Buyi Minority woman selling things in China 17"x23"


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