Recent Watercolor Paintings

Sunset at Golden Gate Bridge CA


Pine Creek at Fall Pittsburgh

Siliver Lake Brighton UT

Daisies at the lakeside Pittsburgh

Winter in the farmland Pittsburgh

Along the trial in Moranie State Park Pittsburgh PA 22x28"

Along the trial in Moranie State Park Pittsburgh PA 22×28″

Along California Coast 16x24"

Along California Coast 16×24″


Cherry Blossom 8"x10"

Tibetian Woman 2 18"x24"

Banana Tree 15"x22"

Woman, Bird and Waterfall 18″x24″

Tibetian Woman 18"x24"

Lijiang minority girl 18’x24″

Cherry Blossom, Japan 24"x18"

Horse in Old Town Lijiang , China 14x22"

Jen looking out the ocean, Vietnam 22"x15"

Silk work 22″x15″

Lijiang Countryside, China 22"x30"

Japanese tea room , Japan 22″x15″

Horse at Hartswood Park, PA 22"x15"

My deck in Summer time 22"x15"

My dear friend Sammy 22″x15″

Miao Minority girl, China 18"x24"

orchid 11"x15"

Wuyuan Village, Jiangxi China 15x22"

Miao Minority girl, China 18x24"

Zhou Zhau, Hometown Village, Canton, China

One Response to “Recent Watercolor Paintings”

  1. carmel nichol Says:

    just luv this style of watercolors….really captured the essence of your subjects….cheers carmel

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