My Claywork

Tea pot 7"x7.5"

Animal Plate 9"x12"

Fish Vase 7"x7.5"

Flower vase7.5"x2.5"

Fish Plate in Blue 9"x12"

Tiger Plate 8"x7.5"

Water Lily Bowl 9"x10"

Water Lily Plate 9"x10"

Deer Bowl 6"x6.5"

Inside of the Deer Bowl

Christmas Bowl 6.5"x10"

Flower 6"x6.5"

Tall Bowl with cover 12"x6.5"

Bowl with cover 10"x5.5"

2 pieces of Bowl set 10"x10"

Chinese Vase with cover 16.5"x7.5"

Flower 4 layers Vase 14"x7.5"

Fish Plate with Sea reef 11"x13.5

Rose head dancing woman 13"x4"

Back of the Dragon Bowl 10"x!0"

Dragon Bowl 10"x10"

Tall Flower Bowl 10.5"x10"

Snake Bowl 14"x10"

Green Bowl 4"x10"

Back of the Green Bowl

Inside of the Green Bowl

Flower and Leaf Bowl 10"x10"


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