About Me

I was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong. I came to the U.S. forty years ago. I earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biochemistry and was an active researcher in Neurobiology for over 30 years. But my ultimate passion was in art, especially in painting watercolors. Three years ago, I left the sciences, giving myself more time to dedicate to my art. My interest in watercolor painting began at an early age. Ever since I was in my 7th grade , my art teacher believed that I had talent in art, especially in watercolor painting. I learned the basic techniques from him. That was the only time I took lessons of watercolor painting. Therefore, my watercolor painting style is largely self-taught. Painting in watercolor medium is very technically challenging yet the end results can be very rewarding. Traveling to many exciting places in China,Japan and Southeast Asia allows me to explore many new places which are interesting and refreshing to paint. Art is a visual expression of the world surrounding us. I believe it is necessary to become involved with the subjects I like to paint, to admire the beauty of nature, to interact with peoples around us, and to etch my memories into my paintings. Since I love to paint what I see, I am thus a “realist.” To me, by injecting realism into my paintings, I hope I can allow my viewers to share my exciting travel experience.In addition to expressing myself in painting, I also love to express my love of art with clay. Moist clay is an irresistible material to be around. Ever since I was a child, I loved to play with mud to make different forms and develop my imaginative pieces by using my hands. I love to use my watercolor painting approach together with my clay to create a piece of work that can truly reflect my creativity in art. Recently, I was invited to have art exhibitions in the embassy of Croatia and Egyptian Cultural Center in Washington DC.. My paintings are found in many private collections and gallery (www.asianinfluences.com). I am a member of Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and a member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists.


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